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coastal life on the Gulf

Celestún is a sun drenched little fishing village on the Gulf coast of Mexico. Away from the beaten track and yet just one hour drive west of Merida, it displays a unique character shaped by a curious fusion of various trades and the effect of its secluded location in the middle of nature. With the main source of income being from fishing and salt extraction, this town has grown a name in eco-tourism by taking advantage of being nestled into a UNESCO designated biosphere. Going to see Flamingos has become synonymous with that day-trip to Celestún. But do not be fooled, this town has more to offer than that. 

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Visitors who decide to stay longer will discover that this place not only serves to the ‘hot-pink cocktail parties’ of those elegant birds. Among a variety of different nature tours, you can organize fishing excursions or venture on a trip into the Salinas to see how salt is collected. There even is a ghost town south of the village or the ruins of a salt hacienda by the ocean to explore and should you be steady on horseback, why not go on a beach ride?


The beaches here are among the most beautiful along the Gulf coast, populated by Palapa-restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood and sunsets that are second to none on the continental east coast.  With these characteristics and only that one road in & out of town, it is not all that surprising that folks here have kept a personality  that differs a little from most pueblos around the Yucatán. It radiates a vibe of sass along with the relaxed pace of life and tranquility one meets in this Mexican town.

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