Boutique Style Guesthouse 

On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, right in the middle of a biosphere in the State of Yucatán, is a small fishing village. This is a unique spot, a culturally authentic place away from the traveling masses and with beautiful beaches that deliver magical sunsets. Folks here live a different pace of life.


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This is Celestún and

this is where we created our beach escape.

Right here, in the middle of nature and Yucatecan culture, we designed a modern whimsical abode, filled with cozy settings inviting guests to pause and relax.

Cool off at the pool or find refuge reading a book in our breezeway to reprieve from the heat of a mid-day sun. Ease into the tropical nights watching the sun set from the rooftop lounge and maybe later make new friends around our fire pit in the courtyard. 


Off course without the sand and the ocean right at our doorstep, we wouldn't be able to call ourselves a beach escape. Now that you are on vacation, your hardest choice of the day will be wether to hang at the pool or relax by the beach.

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Large rooms with balcony

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All the rooms on the upper floors open to their own private balcony with a view of the Gulf. They are 38-m² (400-feet²) in size and offer a choice between 2 singles or 1 king-size bed (please let us know which one you prefer at the time of booking). The bathrooms feature a walk-in shower with an open-concept sink area facing the main living space. 

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  • Save with 2 nights minimum

  • 2 guest per room maximum

  • Adults only 

  • No smoking 

  • Terms & Conditions

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Smaller rooms with terrace

Our rooms on the ground floor are 22-m² (230-feet²) in size and have a large personal terrace to hang out on. Two of these rooms face the ocean and are only steps away from the beach access. The one & only courtyard room on the other hand, overlooks the serene landscaping with its tropical plants and our social fire place. It also allows quick access to the pool for a dip. The Bathrooms feature a walk-in shower and have separate sink area.


We designed all our rooms with a refreshingly modern feel, choosing a mix of selected and custom pieces of original arts & crafts. We played with colors and cultural influences while still working within our passion for contemporary design.  We equipped all rooms with air-conditioning and ceiling fan, mosquito screens and hot water, included a coffee-maker and a small fridge as well as an in-room safe. A traditional hammock, found in almost every Yucatecan home is also included to enjoy. 

Free WIFI (even though at slow “Celestun speed") and on-site secured parking is available as well.

  • Save with 2 nights minimum 

  • 2 guest per room maximum

  • Adults only 

  • No smoking 

  • Terms & Conditions


We are Jess & Nicolas and before we started this adventure we ran a design studio in British Columbia, Canada. Our expertise was in top-end modern furniture and kitchens and we also worked as consultants in the areas of interior and architectural design. What drove us then still drives us now, the exploration and learning curve of bringing an idea into practical application.

Our Story

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When we came across this empty hotel in early 2015 it captivated our imagination. We fell in love with the blank canvas of this building and its location right by the beach.

It was the proverbial once in a lifetime opportunity so we seized it. This was not planned nor expected. We came to the Yucatán to explore if we would find a small colonial fixer-upper in Mérida we could purchase and work on over time. Instead we totally turned our families life upside down and dove into a journey that would take 3 years to see our vision come to fruition. 


From complex legalities between 3 nations to cultural differences, language barriers and a new climate to adjust to, we were in for a ride but we embraced it and rolled with the punches.












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