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Boutique Style Guesthouse 

On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, right in the middle of a biosphere in the State of Yucatán, is a small fishing village. This is a unique spot, a culturally authentic place away from the traveling masses and with beautiful beaches that deliver magical sunsets. Folks here live a different pace of life.


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This is Celestún and

this is where we created our beach escape.

Right here, in the middle of nature and Yucatecan culture, we designed a modern whimsical abode, filled with cozy settings inviting guests to pause and relax.

Cool off at the pool or find refuge reading a book in our breezeway to reprieve from the heat of a mid-day sun. Ease into the tropical nights watching the sun set from the rooftop lounge and maybe later make new friends around our fire pit in the courtyard. 


Off course without the sand and the ocean right at our doorstep, we wouldn't be able to call ourselves a beach escape. Now that you are on vacation, your hardest choice of the day will be wether to hang at the pool or relax by the beach.

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