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Please note that by completing your reservation you confirm your acceptance of Playa 55's Terms & Conditions on behalf of all members of your party.



  1. All rates are listed in Mexican Pesos. For the equivalent in your local currency, please check the current exchange rates. 

  2. To help avoid double bookings, our online system handles your reservation as a ‘Request to Book’. You will be sent an email confirming your request has been received for review. 

  3. Once we confirmed availability, we will hold your room and send an email prompting you to proceed with the payment for your reservation on-line. If payment hasn’t been confirmed within 24 hours (1 hour for last minute bookings), the room will be released to be available for other booking requests. If payment is received after the room has been released, we will complete the booking should the room still be available. If it is not, we will approve a full refund (see 2.5 below).

  4. Payments are required in full and treated as deposit, making them subject to our cancellation policy in regard to refunds, changes and/or other requests. (Please read our cancellation policy below.)

  5. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a ‘Booking Confirmation’ by email for your stay with us. Please present your confirmation in electronic or written form at the time of check-in. Room rates are automatically discounted per night when a reservation is made for 2-nights or more. 

  6. Rates and/or minimum stays falling within any of the high seasons (Christmas, New Years, Easter & Spring-Break) may increase during that time. All rates and/or minimum stays are subject to change without notice.



  1. Cancellations made up to 14 days prior to your arrival date are eligible for a full refund.

  2. Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to your arrival date, no-shows or premature departures are not eligible for a refund.

  3. Cancellations for bookings falling within any of the high seasons (Christmas, New Years, Easter & Spring-Break) regardless of timeframe prior to your arrival date may not be eligible for refunds. 

  4. Cancellations for multiple room-reservations of 3 or more under the same party, wether the reservations were made separately or together (such as workshop-groups or family vacation and similar) are eligible for a full refund up to 1 month prior to the arrival date and non thereafter.

  5. No refunds will be issued for cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control. These may include but are not limited to weather conditions, flight cancellations, accidents or sickness. Therefore we highly recommend to purchase Travel Insurance.

  6. Any approved refunds will be issued through the method they have been received by, minus any amounts due to fees, currency exchange or other applicable charges that may apply.



  1. Our Guesthouse does not have a 24 hour front desk. Therefore, please make sure you provide us with an estimated time of arrival and a valid email and cellphone number on your reservation. For any changes in your travel plans, we ask you to please notify us.

  2. Check-in time on the day of your arrival is at 15.00 hours (3pm) or after. If your room is ready before that time, we are happy to check you in earlier. Latest check-in time is at 22.00 hours (10pm), so please be sure you arrange your travel connections accordingly.

  3. We collect a CASH deposit of $2000 Mexican Pesos per room at the time of check-in to cover any incidentals.

  4. Check-out time is before or at 11.00 hours in the morning of your departure. Any late check-outs have to be approved by management and a fee may apply. You will be refunded the deposit collected when everything is in order. 

  5. We are an adult only guesthouse. Our premises are not designed to safely accommodate minors under the age of 18.



  1. All our accommodations allow a maximum occupancy of 2 guests per room - No exceptions.

  2. Smoking is prohibited by law. This applies to the entire premises including the beach, the rooms and balconies. 

  3. Any form of glass around the pool area is prohibited by law. 

  4. Pets are not permitted. We may have our own dogs on the premises for guarding and security.

  5. Only registered guests can use our facilities. Visitors are not allowed. Exceptions have to be approved by management and may be subject to a fee. 

  6. If you have visitors for a short temporary time coming onto the premises please notify us prior to their arrival.  

  7. We have only limited space available to store luggage safely. We are not liable for any loss or damage of unattended luggage left on our premises.

  8. Cooking in the rooms or anywhere else on the premises is not allowed because it makes pest control very difficult and also the buildings plumbing is not designed around food preparation. We do offer a small refrigerator in every room for storage of food & drinks. 




  1. The front door is secured with an opening code. This code will be given to every guest to use for entry and exit. 

  2. For security reasons we lock our beach gates at dusk and the main gates and parking at 22.00 hours (10pm). We unlock all of them again at sunrise in the morning. Entry onto the premises after-hours is managed through text or phone all in communication with the night guard.

  3. We expect every guest to practice common courtesy towards fellow guests. For example, please keep common showers and washrooms clean, when listening to personal entertainment please use your headphones or keep the volume low. For the peace of others please refrain from loud or obnoxious behaviour.    

  4. Drunken or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion without any refunds. 

  5. Suspicion or discovery of gambling activities, prostitution, weapons or use of drugs will result in immediate expulsion without prior warning and without refunds. We will notify local authorities at our discretion.

  6. Any commercial use of photography or video of our premises without prior consent by Playa 55 is frowned upon. We kindly ask you to talk to and notify us if you have in mind to release your footage to any public media channel. 


Thank you

Playa 55 beach escape

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